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Injuries are an unfortunate part of sports and physical activity and during my personal training career, so many people asked me if I could help them to recover from their injuries.

This then led me to become a qualified sports therapist and I have not looked back. Through sports therapy I will try to help prevent injuries in the first place, but if you have any physical activity-related injury and want to recover quickly then book a session with me. I will treat the cause, not just symptoms of an injury and I will assess and treat you through your rehabilitation to get you back to where you were.

As I am passionate about sports therapy and want to get to the route of your problem, to ensure the best treatment for you and so should the need arise, and I feel specialist
intervention is required I will discuss this with you without delay.

Please visit my Facebook page and articles.

Thank you!

Your appointment is succesfully received. Please meet us at your selected date and time.

For any kind of inquiry, please call us at 543-323-3456

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