Home Exercise Vs Gym Exercise

People always ask me whether they can exercise at home or do they have to go to the gym in order to achieve their fitness goals. My answer will always be the same, that home training and gym exercise both can be very beneficial depending on each individual fitness aspirations.

If your goal is to lose fat, weight or build muscles, it may be difficult for you to attend the gym. Factors such as time, weather and money can stop you attending the gym. In this case, home training can be an excellent alternative which can be persistent and rewarding.  You can download my eBook regarding home workout/nutrition for both men & women from my website by clicking here.

However, if your goal is to build muscles and you enjoy training at the gym, then gym training can be really helpful to accomplish your coveted physique. Being motivated by others and surrounding yourself with people with similar fitness goals can also help. I have written this muscle-building program and nutrition plan for you to achieve your desired physique. You can download that book from here.

I personally like both kinds of training as I train at the gym as well as at home but it depends on my mood, energy, how busy I am, what kind of exercise I wanted to do, time, and my fitness goals. Let’s example if I wanted to lose weight, and wanted to look slimmer then I tend to train at home with bodyweight cardio, endurance, and abs training. It saves a lot of time and I don’t have to wait for gym equipments or long travels to the gym, and finding a parking, which requires at least 30 minutes before even I start my workout.

Sometimes my goals are different and I wanted to train in a certain way to look in a certain way so I make an effort to go to the gym, where I use different sort of machines in order to sculpt my physique. It might be time consuming, but hey! If you want to achieve something which you never achieved before you got to do something which you have never done before! So don’t be lazy, whatever your fitness goal is, just start working on and make it happen, trust me you’ll see some positive changes in your life regardless of home or gym training. Just do any kinds of training you like either home or gym? Enough talk, time to do some practical! Good luck and all the best!

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